Monday, November 2, 2009

Methods of Madness

My Rating: 4.5/5

What a thriller! There are tons of plot-twisting and suspense to keep you guessing on the edge of your seat until the very end. And once the killer is finally revealed, I had to go back and re-read this book a second time to find clues or odd discoveries I missed the first time around.

If you like books that get your heart pumping then you'll love Methods of Madness. The romance is very low-key as well, putting more of the focus on the murder-mystery.

Illuminations of the Heart

My Rating: 4.5/5

If you enjoy a good romance then you have to read Illuminations of the Heart. It will be one of those books you can hardly put down. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will probably read it again.

Counting Stars

My Rating:4/5

Counting Stars is a really fun read. The story is original and will give you a nice break from the mundane romance novels that are out there. You might even laugh out loud a couple of times, I know I did. It's so nice to be able to pick up a book and be surprised every once in a while. Age group focus: 18+

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shadow Hunter

My Rating:

Shadow Hunter is the perfect book for men who like to read fiction. It has suspense, a military setting, and no mushy "roll the eyes romance". Now, even though I just said that it's the perfect novel for men, I read it and still enjoyed it, even without the romance. The focus of the story is solely on catching this particular terrorist. What’s so cool is that you get to see the story unfold from both the government's side and the terrorist’s side. It was very interesting and if you have a military background I think you'd really enjoy it.

Love That Lasts

My Rating:

Whether you’re Newlyweds or celebrating your 45th wedding anniversary, Love That Lasts is the perfect book to read with your spouse or on your own. I have read several books on marriage and relationships, and this is one of my favorites! Even if you already have a loving and healthy marriage, you’ll learn more about your spouse and yourself than you realized before. Love That Lasts also provides entertaining quizzes that allow you to interact with one another, and personal stories that you can relate to and apply in your own marriage. All couples have to work hard in maintaining a healthy marriage and will experience difficulty with one thing or another. So, if you’re looking for help to strengthen your relationship with your mate or if you’re just looking to add a little bit of fun and spark back into your marriage, try the fourteen secrets found in Love That Lasts!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hard Times and Holy Places

My Rating:

Hard Times and Holy Places is an inspirational book that will encourage and fortify your faith during challenges while on this earth. Although the physical hardships Kristin Belcher experienced may be different than our own, we can all relate to her feelings of frustration, loneliness, and abandonment when her life turned out differently than she had planned.

What I loved the most about Kristin’s book is her idea that we can make any ordinary place a holy place; a place of refuge and peace where we can be taught and comforted by the Spirit. I also loved Kristin’s take on the word “why”. She learned that getting through mortal trials was easier when she replaced “why” with “why not?” Through Kristin’s humor and humble testimony, Hard Times and Holy Places can become our guide to finding peace and comfort through adversity. We can learn how to laugh at our troubles and find strength and healing in our Savior, Jesus Christ.

For those feeling overwhelmed or saddened by the burdens they have had to carry, Hard Times and Holy Places is the perfect gift to provide encouragement and hope.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Hourglass Door

My Rating:

The Hourglass Door is a novel that is both intriguing and mysterious. It puts a whole new spin on time travel and one thing’s for sure; it’s going to leave you wanting more. Your curiosity will be piqued before you even finish the prologue and by the last page you’ll be anxious for the next adventure to begin. It’s a fairly easy read and it gets right into the story. After I read it for the first time I found myself reading it again just to see if I missed anything or if I could piece some more of the puzzle together.

When you throw in a bit of mystery, romance, and a cute foreign–exchange student from Italy, you just can’t go wrong.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


My Rating:

Well of course I loved it! It was a little more serious than her other books, but that's to be expected since it’s based on a true story. The plot is very realistic and Traci does a great job tying everything together in the end. I found it very easy to connect with the characters in this story and was caught up in suspenseful moments where I held my breath as I anxiously read their fate.

One thing I love about Traci Abramson is that she’ll briefly introduce a character in a book and then make them the main character in a later book she writes. For example, in Freefall she introduces us to an all LDS group of Navy Seals and you are briefly introduced to one Seal named Tristen. However, it isn’t until Lockdown that he actually becomes the main character. It’s great because you can continue to follow the characters you love, but experience a completely different story at the same time.

Lockdown is a novel that will intrigue you during the very first chapter, shock you when you least expect it, and leave you eager for the next adventure.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lemon Tart

My Rating:

I love a good mystery, especially when it leaves you with a surprise ending! Now, I do have to admit that this book is different from the others I’ve read. First of all our heroin, an “independent detective,” is not a young and curious 20 year old but a slightly more mature, witty and sassy 50 year old with a lot of spunk and a knack for getting into trouble. Move over Angela Lansbury, there’s a new girl in town who’s cook’n up a storm…literally. Sadie is a bake-a-holic with a motto that a “warm pan of homemade chocolate brownies can cure anything” (hmmm…she actually might be on to something there).
I loved this book for several reasons. First, at the end of the chapters you’ll find authentic “Sadie Recipes” (usually for something Sadie cooked in the previous chapter).
Second, this mystery kept me guessing. I seriously thought I had the whole thing figured out for several chapters until another clue would appear and let me suspect someone else. When the true murderer was revealed I was shocked.
I enjoyed the story from beginning to the end and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. If you like fast paced mysteries that start as soon as the book begins than you’ll love Lemon Tart. I only have one word of advice…Make sure you read this book with a snack; otherwise you might start feeling a little munchie.:-)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Traitor and Tribunal

My Rating:

This is a great read for those who enjoy a little history woven into a fictitious story. Now my brain is only about 10% history driven and 90% romance driven, but Sandra Grey did a great job intermingling fact and fiction in keeping me engrossed through out the whole book. I learned a lot about the war in France, the resistance, and the Gestapo without ever realizing I had diverted from the story and was actually reading history. (And just as a side note, there’s definitely a romance worthy of reading in this story along with a few shockers that I didn’t see coming!)
For those of you who are real history buffs, check out the historical notes for each chapter at the back of the book where Grey provides even more information about World War II.
In summary, when there’s gallantry, conflict, romance, and espionage all woven into one story…who wouldn’t love Traitor? And no worries guys, the romance is very low key. Both men and women would enjoy reading this novel.

Tribunal (Sequel to Traitor)
My Rating:

Yes, It’s true! The sequel to Traitor is here and it picks up right where Traitor left off…but the plot thickens!!! We now have a couple of new characters who bring unexpected twists and havoc into the lives of Marie, Rolf, and Hans. And certain decisions must be made that could mean life or death for some. But I don’t want to be a plot spoiler so, if you’ve read Traitor and want to know more, you’ll just have to read Tribunal. Believe me, it’ll be worth it.