Friday, August 24, 2012

Choosing The Right CTR Ring

Then (1970's)

                                            and Now    
The CTR ring has become one of the most recognizable symbols of our faith. But how was it created in the first place?

-A Brief history of the CTR ring-

Joseph L. Townsend:
Writes lyrics to the hymn, Choose the Right
Helen Alldredge:
General Primary board
member designs shield
logo, incorporating the
letters CTR. (1960’s)

Church Committee headed by Naomi W. Randall:
recommends a ring be made
bearing the same logo and
symbol, to be given to
children turning eight.
  Gordon B. Hinkley:
Officially announces the CTR curriculum. The message of "Choosing the Right" was implemented into the doctrine being taught to children ages 6-7.

From there, the popularity of the CTR ring among church members has expanded tremendously over the years. And so has the design! 

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