Thursday, April 2, 2009


My Rating:

Well of course I loved it! It was a little more serious than her other books, but that's to be expected since it’s based on a true story. The plot is very realistic and Traci does a great job tying everything together in the end. I found it very easy to connect with the characters in this story and was caught up in suspenseful moments where I held my breath as I anxiously read their fate.

One thing I love about Traci Abramson is that she’ll briefly introduce a character in a book and then make them the main character in a later book she writes. For example, in Freefall she introduces us to an all LDS group of Navy Seals and you are briefly introduced to one Seal named Tristen. However, it isn’t until Lockdown that he actually becomes the main character. It’s great because you can continue to follow the characters you love, but experience a completely different story at the same time.

Lockdown is a novel that will intrigue you during the very first chapter, shock you when you least expect it, and leave you eager for the next adventure.