Monday, March 5, 2012

Texting Through Time - Book Giveaway!

Do you have a middle reader who loves to read?
Or, are you in search of a good book to read as a family?

Here's a chance to to win a signed copy of Christy Monson's new book,
"Texting Through Time"

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Texting Through Time: A Trek With Brigham Young

By Christy Monson

When 12-year-old Micah “borrows” his father's experimental time-travel phone, his hopes for seeing the future are dashed as he and his sister, Alicia, end up trapped in the past at Brigham Young’s boyhood home. This book is a fun way to discover Church history and learn that no matter what time period you are in, God is still aware of you.

About the Author:

Christy Monson has always loved pioneer history, especially stories of the prophets. She received her BA degree from Utah State University and an MS from University of Nevada at Las Vegas. After her six children were raised, she established a successful marriage and family therapy practice. She has published articles in the Ensign, Friend, and other children's periodicals. She and her husband, Robert, live in Ogden, Utah.

My Review-

As parents, we are always safeguarding our children. We want them to be able to enjoy movies and books, but only the BEST kind.
That's what I love about Christy Monson's new book,
"Texting Through Time: A Trek With Brigham Young"
Children will find it entertaining and parents can feel good knowing that not only is their child reading something wholesome, their learning about Prophets at the same time!

Giveaway Rules

This giveaway will end Saturday, March 10th 2012 at midnight. Winner will be announced Monday, March 12.

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  1. favorite prophet --- President Manson
    This man is one of the most loving, kind, tender prophets. Has the children of the Church love the prophet and he shows that he loves them,all the member's of the church and all the people of the world.

    He has shown throw not just his words but also throw his action that He totally, completely and unequivocally dedicated to the Lord,the Lords Church and it's Member's. he is totally dedicated to living the gospel and to showing us how to live it.


  2. Favorite Prophet: Gordon B. Hinckley

    Davonna Dicks

  3. Shared this post!

    Davonna Dicks

  4. Subscribed

    Davonna Dicks

    1. Hey Davonna,
      I wasn't sure if you saw that you won our giveaway! Email me your contact info at and we'll get the book to ya :)

  5. Thomas Monson. He has been a true inspiration to me lately with words that are uplifting.

  6. It is a tie between Gordon B. Hinckley and Thomas S. Monson. I can't decide!

  7. I also shared the link on Facebook.

  8. As I'm newer to the church and haven't really learned about to many of the Prophets I'd have to go with either our current day Prophet for doing an astounding job now keeping things righteaous or even the first Prophet Joseph Smith for starting the true Church back.

  9. Commented twice on the page and on the link on the main page

  10. My favorite prophet is Gordon B. Hinckley.

  11. I shared the post on Facebook.

  12. Thanks for everyone's support. Christy