Thursday, June 28, 2012

Primarily for Cub Scouts!

Finding Cub Scouting more intimidating than fun?

  Wondering how you can actively participate 
in your child's accomplishments in the 
Faith in God and Scouting program? 

Then you have to check out this book!

Primarily for Cub Scouts offers you,
Fun and creative activities every Cub Scout will enjoy
Den Meeting do's and don't s
Pinewood Derby tips
Blue and Gold banquet suggestions
Pack meeting ideas
Skits, cheers, and songs
Website resources

Customer Review:
Primarily for Cub Scouts has helped me with all my callings in Primary and as a Cub Scouting parent!  I refer back to it often for website information and cute project ideas for passing off electives. It has helped me stay focused on the Faith In God Program which goes along with Scouting and has a easy to follow index so the information is right at your fingertips. Even the boys like reading the book and choosing their own projects! 
 I'm not a crafty person so I usually stress over ideas, but this book has helped me be prepared with fun things for our boys to work on to help them pass off  their requirements and with little expense. 
                                       Debbie Peeler

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