Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Have You Seen These!?

It's a new year! 
Know what that means? 
New material!!!
  Check out what Boyd's has for Primary, Youth and 
Sunday School for 2013.

Primary 2013

I Am a Child of God Children's Program

REPRODUCIBLE Program script for the Primary children's sacrament meeting program with suggestions, ready to adapt to fit your needs or use as is!

2013 Primary Monthly Posters 

FULL COLOR Posters for Primary yearly and monthly themes, ready to use!

 2013 Song Visual Aids

 FULL COLOR Visual aids for the 2013 Primary children's sacrament meeting program songs.

 Printed on card stock, ready to cut out and use!

I Am a Child of God - Paperback with CD

  Make Mondays the best night of the week! With a full year of easy family nights that correlate directly with the 2013 Primary theme, this book is the perfect solution for busy families everywhere. For each week you'll find a complete lesson written for you, plus songs, scriptures, ideas for treats, and activity options for younger and older children.

 Tiny Talks: Volume 13 - I Am a Child of God 

Take the stress out of preparing for your child's next talk. With a focus on the 2013 Primary theme, Tiny Talks has got you covered. On each page you'll find a gospel story, a corresponding scripture verse, and a list of visual aids, making this the perfect resource for talks, sharing time lessons, or family home evenings all year long!

2013 multi stacked crayons, stickers and pencils

I Am a Child of God necklace, zipper pull and spinning tie tac

 Click here to view our entire 2013 Primary selection.

Youth 2013


           3D Bookmark                         Stickers                                  Button

Click here to view our entire 2013 Youth selection.

Sunday School 2013

 Commentary On The Doctrine & Covenants, A: Vol 1: Sections 1-40

This comprehensive reference presents deep insights and rigorous scholarship in an accessible style providing historical background that places each section of the Doctrine and Covenants in the context of the unfolding Restoration.
The authors also provide discussions on verses, with statements from Church leaders and observations on nuances and circumstances of the time.

 Companion to Your Study of the Doctrine & Covenants, A - Paperback

 This book provides detailed commentary on each section of the Doctrine & Covenants. Organized section by section, verse by verse, it can be read right alongside your scriptures or serve as an easy reference to find answers to questions you may have.

• Includes historical background for each section of the D&C and biographical information about persons mentioned in it.

• Features quotations from General Authorities, definitions of key words, cross-references to other scriptures, appendices, and historical and modern sources. 

Click here to view our entire 2013 selection of Sunday School resources.

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