Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Just Got A Letter From Allyson Pringle

My Rating:

Don’t let the pink cover fool you- this is no ordinary teenage story. For one thing the main Character Kendall, is a boy in his senior year of high school. The story is told from Kendall’s perspective and to be honest, wasn’t what I expected at all. It surprised me, in a good way, and I instantly became impressed with the story. Kendall is an ordinary LDS teenager, but I love how Anya Bateman portrays his character as being valiant and true to his beliefs even when it isn’t considered “cool”. I know teens will be able to relate to Kendall’s yearnings to be popular among his peers as well as his struggles to do the right thing even though he must stand alone. Even though this book is fictitious it contains great messages and I absolutely love the fact that it doesn’t promote teen dating. How often does that happen in a teenage novel? In fact, it places emphasis on remaining friends until after missions. How refreshing!

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