Monday, January 23, 2012

It's All About a "New Beginning"

New Beginnings for Young Women

For a young girl turning 12, New Beginnings is such an exciting event. And because it is probably her first experience with the Young Women's program you want to make it extra special.


Divine Nature

How to Prepare: Some people are AMAZINGLY creative while others, like me, are creative off of others creativity. (meaning I can copy someone's idea to a T!) For those of you like me, here are a few books that might help you get started.

Individual Worth

During New Beginnings we usually explain the YW Theme and Values to the new Young Women coming in. And what is the purpose of these values? To help each Young Woman to one day enter the temple. Check out this amazing video Worth Waiting For. This is a great message to share during New Beginnings or YW in Excellence.


Visual Aids: We LOVE these Young Women Value Posters!

Front of each Card:
- A beautiful depiction of a heroine from the scriptures.

- Below the picture: the value represented by that heroine.
-Scripture reference to the story

Back of each Card:
- Value Color / Value Name
- Value Scripture
- Value Motto
Women Represented:
Faith - Hannah
Divine Nature - Emma Smith
Individual Worth- Rebekah
Knowledge- Mothers of the Stripling Warriors
Choice and Accountability- Daughters in the Wilderness
Good Works- Ruth
Integrity- Esther
Virtue- Mary

Choice and Accountability

You also might want to check out Heart Wide Open (CD)
live what i know (CD)
and Jenny Phillips', The Parable of the Princesses (book)

Good Works

What Products are Available to Help the Girls Track Personal Progress?: Aside from their Personal Progress book, we have...

Personal Progress Tracking Charts


and YW value cards and bookmarks


Young Women Gift Ideas:

Value Journal

A Young Woman's Quote Book

book by Laurel Christensen

And of course Jewelry!!! (This is only a sample of our YW jewelry. To see more visit our online store and look under our jewelry section.)


As always, if you would like to purchase any of these items or just want to learn more, click on the image.

Also, do you have any ideas or examples of what you've done in the past or are doing for New Beginnings? If so, leave a comment and share your idea!

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