Thursday, February 2, 2012

Increase in Learning

My Rating: (5/5 Stars)

Have you read this yet?! If you're my husband you're probably saying, "NO"
I kinda, maybe sorta stole it from his nightstand and haven't given it back yet :)

The mere fact that this book is by Bednar means you already know it's a great book, so I'll just quickly point out the things that make this book unique.

This is not a guidebook or a step by step on how to "increase in understanding." Bednar simply expounds on doctrinal teachings and basically teaches you how to learn on your own. Sorta like the "teach a man to fish" principle. It's kinda like a textbook. But a really interesting one! You learn about the subject matter, but then you actually have to go and do the homework if you wanna get an A in the class.

I also LOVE that every page has extra wide margins for you to write notes in! And after each chapter there are related readings from the Ensign and the Scriptures on the content contained in that chapter.

And did I mention it comes with a CD which includes a Q&A with Elder Bednar and a group of young adults and an in-depth interview with Elder and Sister Bednar?

Yup, my husband will never be getting this book back...

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